Newsletter 2016

2016 seems to have gone by very quickly. It is three years since our publication of Stepping Through Transitions, (2013).  We have managed to keep up sufficient momentum for CGO Transitions to flourish, despite personal upheaval for all three of us during the year, resulting in fewer workshops.

  • Hazel went traveling overseas and had all the upheaval of selling her house, and moving into an apartment
  • Judith became a gypsy for five months while her son’s family (six of them altogether) took over her home, while their own home was being substantially renovated. 
  • Ljiljana went on six months Sabbatical leave overseas mostly in Europe and Scandinavia. 


Most pleasing, however, is that we have continued to sell our book throughout the year.  We originally published 1000.  Now we have just 29 copies left.  This means we expect to run out of stock by the end of 2017.

Please contact me directly as soon as possible if you would like to purchase a copy of Stepping Through Transitions (2013)  at $25 plus any postage:   This offer applies within NZ only.  Overseas buyers will need to go through our website.  E-copies are available at $32 worldwide.


In Hazel’s absence, Judith and Ruby Duncan co-facilitated a workshop for service organisations in South Auckland, partnering with IOSIS in April 2016.   South Auckland was most enjoyable, cementing a friendship between Ruby and Judith that went back many years.   In July Judith and Hazel worked with Volunteering Gisborne who got funding from local body support.   The event was a successful event, though not as many people attended as we’d hoped.  We think that community organisations bring more engagement to workshops where they are asked to contribute something to the cost, rather than be given a full subsidy.    A different model worked in Taranaki, when we were asked to   return to New Plymouth in mid-September, to work for the third time with the Bishop’s Action Foundation.    TSB gave some financial support to the total cost, but it was the superb organisation that BAF provided, that gathered together a wide range of people across the CGO spectrum and made this one of our most enjoyable partnerships. 

Hazel and Judith have continued to work with individual organisations, often meeting with the Board and senior staff together.

Conference presentations

Judith was invited to give two 1.5hour workshops at the Ronald McDonald House Charities® APMEA Regional Conference in October.  Delegates came from Chapters in Africa, Asia and the Pacific.  This was a new venture and most successful as an occasion to sell some books.     Judith recently was one of the  keynote speakers at the regional conference of Dress for Success.  It is very interesting to work with groups of franchised or affiliated  organisations from different locations, and to help interpret some of the transitional issues they are experiencing, all within the common mission of a particular CGO.   Very positive feedback (and again good book sales) helps us to stay in touch with the realities of development that our book discusses.

Liliana presented her paper ‘Governance and leadership challenges for third sector organisations: Core purpose vs. end purpose’ at the 12th International Society for Third Sector Research Conference in Stockholm (Sweden).  The conference program included 126 paper sessions, 48 panels, 21 roundtables and 20 posters. Over 700 delegates from 62 countries attended the conference.  Liliana’s paper is uploaded to the Resources page.


With the sale of most of our books, the three of us realise our work in this area may be coming to a natural close.   Judith will be available for workshops or conference presentations in 2017, but it will then be time for others to take our work on to the next stage.   We hope that many of you will develop the CGO Development Model for your own work and use it to provide new training opportunities for the future.   We should like to encourage you in this, so please do ask if there is any help we can give.

Judith, Liliana and Hazel

December, 2016