About us

CGO Transitions Ltd. has three Directors, each with different  but complementary skills.

Dr Judith McMorland, PhD; MA (Hons); BA (Hons); Dip Ed.; Dip Youth Work

Judith has spent her academic and practitioner career blending theory and practice.   An organisational sociologist, with over 40 years of teaching, facilitation and consultancy work, she has built up a rich experience of organisational change.  As well as teaching in the University of Auckland (Centre for Continuing Education, and the University of Auckland Business School) Judith has run her own successful consultancy business COLEARNZ since 1991, providing a range of development services to public sector, commercial and not-for-profit organisations. Since retiring from the University, she has been working with colleagues to promote learning and development opportunities in common good organisations.


Dr Ljiljana Erakovic, PhD (Auckland); MSc (Econ); BSc (Econ)

Ljiljana came to New Zealand in 1994 and started PhD research on organisational change in New Zealand privatised organisations. She joined The University of Auckland Business School in 2001, where she is now an Associate Professor in the Department of Management and International Business.  Before coming to New Zealand,  she worked as a senior researcher in the shipbuilding industry in Croatia where her professional and research efforts were directed towards improving organisational design practices. Her current research interest focuses on governance behaviours. Judith’s invitation to join forces and do research in, and for, New Zealand common good organisations has been an exceptional opportunity to explore uncharted waters.



Hazel Hodgkin    M.Mngmt; Dip Bus Admin (HR); BA (Hons)

Hazel has been working in and with not-for-profit organisations since she was a community worker in central London in 1970s before moving to NZ. She was appointed Training Manager for Presbyterian Support in Auckland during the 1990s, and has taken several hands on management roles in small not-for-profit organisations.  She has a Masters in Management from Massey University. For the last 20 years she has been providing management coaching and supervision to senior and junior managers from a range of organisations, as well as leadership and team development training and facilitation.



The wonderful illustrations in Stepping Through Transitions and on this website were done by Simon Kneebone simon.kneebone@internode.on.net     http://simonkneebone.com